About InvesTong

InvesTong Security is a proudly South African security service company that provides a variety of professional protective services to ensure your safety no matter the environment. InvesTong Security, operating under InvesTong Facilities Management,
is a division of InvesTong Group founded in 2006. Our team has over 30 years of aggregated experience understanding clients’ unique requirements across a spectrum of sectors to deliver results that add value. In 2016, InvesTong Facilities Management extended its multi-industry experience into the security service sector to provide broad, life-changing security that protects the lives of South Africans across the country. As an essential service, InvesTong Security has been approved by the Department of Trade, Industry and Competition to continue protecting you during the COVID-19 lockdown and beyond. We are committed to keeping you safe during this challenging time and will do so while adhering to the South African government’s Disaster Management Guidelines and Lockdown Regulations.

Our Vision

Whether we serve individuals, businesses, or multi-industry corporations, the InvesTong Security vision is to be the respected first-choice security service provider across Southern Africa.

Our Services

Technological Security
Personal Security
Business Security
Home Security
Professional Security
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